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Plockton High School accommodates students from a vibrant, active and supportive community in the West Highlands. Staff work hard to ensure that Plockton High School is a fun, positive and safe environment for all.

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 An t-ionnsachadh og,
an t-ionnsachadh boidheach 
Learn young, learn well

Updates & Reminders:

Study Leave
S 4, 5 & 6 Pupils
25th April - 30th May 

Summer Holidays
1st July - 15th August 2022

  • Pupils and staff are no longer required to wear face coverings in classrooms. However, any young person or staff member who wishes to still wear a face covering in the classroom should be fully supported in doing so. 

  • Anyone with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat or a slight cough, who are otherwise well, do not need to stay at home and can continue to attend education settings. 

  • Free COVID-19 testing has now ended for most people in Scotland with and without symptoms.

  • Testing is only available for specific groups to protect high risk settings, support clinical care and for surveillance.

  • You can order tests if you are:

  • visiting a hospital or care home

  • an unpaid carer

  • eligible for covid treatments

  • applying for the self-isolation support grant

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Introducing our Senior Prefect Team 2021
(L-R) Calum Reeves-Womble, Ketan mackenzie, Beth Murphy & Amelia Sutherland

Senior Prefects 2021.jpg